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Dr. Kerry Korber is owner and head veterinarian of Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic. A graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985, Kerry bought the clinic in 1987 and has dedicated her professional career to the care of exotic pet species ever since. As well as active practice, Kerry has done contract work for the Calgary Zoo, Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, and Raven Brood Trout Station. She has given guest lectures at Olds Technical College and has lectured both to her peers and to the public through various pet symposiums , continuing education classes and pet clubs and can often be heard on radio and TV "pet shows". Her long time companions include her exceptional Orange Wing Amazon Pelle, Lily the cat, and Ginger, an elderly male Pekingese dog, who decidedly prefers to be called Killer when in public.
Dr. Leticia Materi: Leticia, a native Calgarian, graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. After a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, she pursued a strong interest in basic and clinical medicine and was awarded her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Dalhousie University. In 2004, Leticia graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree, fulfilling her life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian. Her interest in avian and exotic medicine began when she worked at Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic as a second year summer student and and culminated with her becoming a full partner of Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic in November of 2005. Her animal family includes a precocious rabbit named Molly, a jazz loving finch named Adah, and boisterous budgie named Rupert, and a Hahn's macaw named Bella.

Our clinic veterinarians are proudly members of the:

  • Association of Avian Veterinarians

  • Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians

  • Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians

  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

  • Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic employs two Animal Health Technologists, a full and a part time Veterinary Receptionist and both a Veterinary and a Ward Assistant.

Caitlyn started at our clinic as a high school volunteer in 2001. After being accepted into and completing the Olds College Animal Health Technologist program, Caitlyn returned to Calgary and worked with dogs and cats for a short while, but sooner than later, returned to what she loves best and rejoined us at the clinic in August, 2006. So far, her pets include a flock of eight exuberant budgies and her rescued dog, Nikita.
Rebekah was welcomed to our clinic in 2003. After two years of practice in her native Ontario as a companion animal technician, Rebekah adopted our 100% exotic practice and a Severe Macaw named Sencha.
Nikki is our head Veterinary Receptionist and has been with the clinic since 2001. Her African Grey, Stormy, keeps the two dogs well in line, and single handedly keeps most pet toy suppliers in business!

Our Animal Health Technologists are skilled in radiology, parasitology, hematology and anaesthesia of exotic species and well trained in handling all species. Their exceptional nursing skills ensure accurate animal assessments and cuddles or a kind word for all hospitalized pets.

Our Veterinary Receptionists and Veterinary Assistants are trained to answer any of your questions on the health and care of your pet and are ready to serve you.

We are a proud team, working together to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.